Ep 14: From Coalface to Creation, Why Bottom-Up Innovation Matters is LIVE!
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Tom Adamson

Innovation Partner

Tom is one of the Defence and Security Accelerators twelve regionally based innovation partners - tasked to find disruptive innovation for transformative effect across UK Defence and Security.

This team of Innovation Partners works with a diverse group of innovators throughout the UK and internationally, from academics and sole traders all the way through to higher tier suppliers. They are here to help those right at the start of the funding journey understand opportunities across the defence and security community and provide advice through the submission process for DASA’s various opportunities. They also help promote those opportunities within their respective regions.

Jan. 24, 2023

Ep. 008: Avoiding The Innovation Valley of Death

This week Colin has been finding all the rust holes on his Landrover chassis, whilst Tom was playing with ChatGPT, and some other AI tools. The results are revealed later in the episode. This week the format changes slightly ...

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