Ep 18: What’s all the fuss about Platforms? is LIVE!


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Really Interesting!

Really interesting podcast. Goes in depth into modern day warfare. This most recent episode with Jason Kennedy from Improbable particularly stood out. Can’t wait for more.

Timely, comprehensive, military simulation, and training knowledge

This excellent podcast is providing a much-needed window onto the technologies and applications associated with military training. Its combination of educational material, current stories related to topical, training, capability, procurement issues, ease, one of the most helpful and beneficial. The inclusion of up-to-the-minute analysis, balanced assessment, and technological depth is providing a very useful level,m playing field for both end users, training designers, and Industry. Download it now!

Superb insight

Great rapport and insight with the two presenters and consistent high quality guests.

Entertaining and Informative

The podcast is a fantastic way to learn about community trends in Defence simulation. The hosts are great, the content is sharp, the banter is witty, and it's a smooth listen compared to others in the same subject.

Insightful and educational conversations

As someone fairly new to the defence industry, I found The Warfighter Podcast to be an incredibly useful resource in expanding my knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of the military world. The hosts do an outstanding job of bringing on insightful guests and facilitating engaging discussions that offer unique perspectives on topics and fields I'd previously not understood or even considered. Production quality is good and there is a refreshingly informal chemistry between the hosts and guests making listening to the podcast an overall enjoyable and educational experience.

A much needed breath of fresh air

As a military professional, I cannot recommend the Warfighter Simulation and Training podcast enough to anyone interested in the latest developments in defence simulation and training. The hosts are two military veterans who have a wealth of experience in this space and have worked with some of the most innovative companies and users in the industry. What sets this podcast apart is its focus on showcasing the latest technologies, projects and concepts from across defence, government and industry. The guests are leaders from these sectors, as well as subject matter experts who can speak with authority on the topics being discussed. This provides a unique insight into the fascinating future that is being built by militaries and government agencies around the world. The Warfighter Simulation and Training podcast is also an excellent educational resource for those new to the industry. The hosts do an excellent job of demystifying complex subjects and acronyms, making it accessible to anyone interested in defence training and simulation. The podcast serves as a reference for the rest of us, providing relevant and up-to-date facts and stories. Overall, I believe this podcast is an invaluable resource for military professionals and anyone interested in the latest developments in defence simulation and training. The bi-weekly episodes are engaging and informative, and the guests provide a unique perspective on the industry. I highly recommend the Warfighter Simulation and Training podcast to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of this important field.