Ep 14: From Coalface to Creation, Why Bottom-Up Innovation Matters is LIVE!


The Warfighter Simulation and Training podcast provides a glimpse into the fascinating future that is being built by militaries and government agencies around the world. The current convergence of emerging technologies brought together from key sectors will deliver an ever increasing force-multiplying benefit to the Warfighter, across all domains.

Your hosts, two military veterans who, since leaving their respective services, have amassed over 20 years of experience, working with some of the most innovative companies and users in the Defence Simulation and Training space.

Our goal is twofold: firstly to showcase the latest technologies, projects and concepts from across Defence, Government and Industry. Secondly, to provide an educational repository for those new to the industry, where complex subjects and acronyms can be demystified and explained. A reference for the rest of us.

We interview leaders from government and industry, as well as subject matter experts who can speak with authority on our bi-weekly episodes. In each episode our aim is to break through the jargon and provide relevant and up to date facts and stories for anyone interested in Defence training and simulation.

About the Hosts

Tom ConstableProfile Photo

Tom Constable

Co-Host | Former British Army Officer

British Army Officer turned technology entrepreneur; In 2014 Tom deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, providing British rotary wing support (in close partnership with the US Marine Core Aviation Wing) to coalition forces.

Since leaving the military Tom has used his passion for taking business ideas and innovations from “zero to one” and has founded start-ups in the digital media and defense technology sectors. Most recently, as the Chief Product Officer at SimCentric, Tom has been the driving force behind combining, COTS, Virtual Reality HMD’s with the world leading open source Unreal Engine to provide point of need dismounted combat training solutions to Militaries and Governments worldwide.

*Click the YouTube icon below to see Tom in action on the BBC's technology program: BBC Click*

Colin HillierProfile Photo

Colin Hillier

Co-Host | Former British Royal Navy Officer

A graduate in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Southampton University, Colin previously served in the Royal Navy, and has over 17 years’ experience in the defence industry.

On leaving the armed forces, Colin joined Leonardo Helicopters, working on the assembly line supporting the build of AH-64, Merlin and Lynx aircraft at Leonardo Helicopters. From there he moved to the training division where he led the design, development, and implementation of advanced mission training systems. He was responsible for development of the EDA Helicopter Tactics training system.

Colin went on to establish the UK office for Bohemia Interactive simulations and became the group COO, working across the UK, Europe and North America offices. Colin left Bohemia in 2015 and now works with a number of training and simulation organisations in key leadership positions, supporting their growth in the UK, Europe and North America.