Ep 14: From Coalface to Creation, Why Bottom-Up Innovation Matters is LIVE!
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Stacey Crump

DASA Partnerships and Impact Lead

Stacey Crump is the Partnerships and Impact Lead for the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). Stacey has a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked within Defence for over 20 years, operating in areas which include large scale transformation and innovation within Human Resources, Medical and Dental, Electromagnetic Spectrum sharing and digital for Defence. This has seen Stacey work with regulatory authorities, large and small private sector organisations, charities and at every level of Government.

In her current role Stacey leads three of the underpinning teams in DASA – Defence, Security and Access to Mentoring and Finance. The teams are heavily focussed on partnering, whether that is with colleagues in Defence and Security Government Departments or with the innovators who are funded via DASA’s competitions. Those partnerships set the foundation for Defence and Security organisations to address their toughest challenges and for close working with innovators to develop their ideas and evolve their business to become potential suppliers to Government.

Jan. 24, 2023

Ep. 008: Avoiding The Innovation Valley of Death

This week Colin has been finding all the rust holes on his Landrover chassis, whilst Tom was playing with ChatGPT, and some other AI tools. The results are revealed later in the episode. This week the format changes slightly ...

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