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Christina Balis

Global Campaign Director, Training and Mission Rehearsal, QinetiQ Group plc

Dr Christina Balis is Global Campaign Director of Training and Mission Rehearsal at QinetiQ. Her 20+ years’ experience across both sides of the Atlantic encompasses consulting, industry and public policy settings, with particular focus on defence, global security and transatlantic relation.

She holds a PhD in Strategic Studies from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Studies and is fluent in Greek, German and French. Her interests range from history to literature and she is passionate about the importance of trust in a military environment.

March 15, 2023

Ep. 013: Beyond Technology, Rethinking Defence Training - Christina B…

This episode is a different take to our normal subjects. We are joined by Christina Balis, Global Campaign Director for QinetiQ, who looks at the non-technological aspects to tackling the challenges of Training Transformation...

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