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May 3, 2023

Ep. 017: How to Disrupt Without Destroying with Luke Shabro

Ep. 017: How to Disrupt Without Destroying with Luke Shabro

This episode we are very pleased to be joined by Luke Shabro, a former Intelligence Analyst and US Navy veteran, he is now the Deputy Director at Army Futures Command TRADOC and jointly runs the US Army Mad Scientist initiative. 

We don’t mind saying that the US Army Mad Scientist podcast provided quite a bit of inspiration for the Warfighter Podcast - so it was great to hear more from Luke about his experience of driving innovation and change through large organisations.

Luke could speak on many subjects with authority and depth, but we were keen to learn from his experience of in Army Futures Command, and some of the techniques and approaches they used to inspire change across a sprawling organisation. As the title suggests - how do we disrupt without destroying current operations and the good parts.

In this bold future, it’s about making more connections, spreading information, views and perspectives across a mesh rather than a strict hierarchy. Luke points out some of the things that can be blockers as well as the tricks that can work to drive change.

As ever we are joined by our intrepid journalist Andy Fawkes from MS&T, who is fresh back from ITEC in Rotterdam (one of the largest training and simulation conferences in Europe). Andy provides us with a brief rundown of the main themes and news items of interest from the show floor. We can confirm he was seen for a brief moment cutting across the show floor to deliver his paper!

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Luke Shabro

Futurist / Intelligence Analyst / Writer / Dad / Coach

Luke Shabro is a futurist, intelligence analyst, and Deputy Director for the Army Mad Scientist Initiative. He served for eight years as an active duty Intelligence Specialist in the United States Navy, deploying aboard the USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN-74) and instructing basic and intermediate Navy intelligence students. He has worked extensively in all-source intelligence, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, global security, and futures analysis. He graduated with a BA in International Studies from Old Dominion University and an MA in Political Science from Virginia Tech. He is also a youth soccer and flag football coach.